Anatomy of the Visual Pathway and Lesions

Textbook Illustration

Project Details:

Dr. Shelley Wall, Professor Dave Mazierski & Dr. Judi Laprade 
Medical and anatomy students
Tool(s) used:
Adobe Illustrator | Photoshop
Date completed: 
April 2016

This illustration depicts the anatomy of the visual pathway and functional loss if damaged, in a format appropriate for a medical textbook. My challenge was to define and solve visual problems that exist in previous illustrations. Available illustrations represent the visual pathway in two-dimensional cross-sections of the brain; as a result, the structural significance of the calcarine fissure has not been portrayed because of its location on the medial surface of the cerebrum.

The calcarine fissure is an anatomical landmark between areas that receive visual inputs from the superior and inferior visual fields. Depicting the calcarine fissure using cut-aways facilitates understanding of how different lesion locations result in upper and lower visual field loss. This assignment provided experience in: synthesizing information from multiple sources; sketching from anatomical specimens; using colour and layout to enhance comprehension; and rendering in Photoshop.

Process Work

1. Research and understand the concept

Researching helped me to understand the concept but also helped me to define existing visual problems in previous illustrations of anatomy of the visual pathways and lesions. One of the problems was the structural significance of the calcarine fissure has not been portrayed in available illustrations because of its locations on the medial surface of the cerebrum.

I spent most of time figuring out the best view of the brain that portrays the visual pathway that includes the calcarine fissure. I consulted with supervisors many times to solve this problem. Later, I was luckily given an opportunity fro my supervisors to visit Anatomy Lab at the University of Toronto to use sliced brain specimen as one of my references. I realized if I kept on searching, I would eventually find solutions. 

2. Solve visual problems

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