Pierre v. Marshall

Medical Legal Illustration

Project Details:

Dr. Leila Lax
Tool(s) used: 
Adobe Illustrator | Photoshop | InDesign
Courtroom juries and judge
30 x 40" full colour print, mounted on foam core
Date completed: 
December 2016

In collaboration with Christine P'ng and Joanna Liang, these panels were created for the plaintiff of a medical legal case of Pierre v. Marshall (1988). This project was intended to help the lay juries and judge to comprehend the complex medical legal case that might have been overwhelmed to understand through a lawyer's oral explanation. In this case, a doctor (a defendant) was accused of failing to diagnose and treat gestational diabetes of his patient (a plaintiff) during the prenatal period. If the condition was properly diagnosed and treated, the problems that were encountered during the birth of her child, such as shoulder dystocia, could have been alleviated. The challenge was to determine parts of the lengthy case report that needed to be emphasized by using visuals. These panels demonstrate: (1) timeline of events, (2) gestational diabetes mellitus resulting in macrosomia (a newborn with an excessive birth weight), and (3) shoulder dystocia.

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